About Us

Our vision is to be a leading quality and reliable producer of premium confectionery products in Central India.

Established in 2013, AM Industries’ journey is a story of encouragement and effort: from a single cooker in the kitchen to the 1,200 units per minute wrapping machines in the facility today. With various products such as hard-boiled candies, soft-boiled candies, wafers, chocolate-bites and lollipops in the portfolio, Harish Rajpal, the Founder and Partner of the company continues to expand the company through his team and family.

Over the years AM Industries has kept up constant research and development to deliver the best products in the market, with the goal of spreading both nationally and internationally, with trades in Nepal and Bangladesh. 

From our production facility in Indore, the most popular and most-loved products are definitely masala-filled candy range -Funda, eclairs, lollipops, and a variety of functional sugar candies under the brand Rumani. Millions of produced units shape the brand - Rumani and are the guarantee of the highest standards. What's the secret? HARD WORK, LOVE, and QUALITY!